School Package


Need an affordable and simple solution that works for every program school wide? We've got you covered. 


Stream Today with our Mobile Streaming App:


  • Sign up your school with an active subscription with Justagame Live
  • Control all sports and create events in your dashboard
  • Download our Justagame Live App
  • Stream any event, anywhere. (Home AND Away Events)


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Don't have the personel to capture all your events? Install our hardwired cameras and pre-schedule your events for to live stream!


Does your school host youth tournaments on weekends on multiple courts? Install cameras on all courts and let your viewers change cameras throughout the day!



Sports Complex Package


Do you own or manage a Sports Complex that hosts tournaments on multiple fields / courts.


Our basic Sports Complex Package is a no brainer solution for you to increase your revenu and reach more fans during your events!


  • Install one camera on each court / field you utilize during your events
  • Pre-Schedule your live stream and select which courts / fields you will be using
  • Set your ticket price


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