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How do I sign up or create an account to watch events?


  • Using Justgame Live as a viewer, there is no need to create any type of account.  If you’re attempting to watch a game that requires a ticket, the "Buy Ticket" button will be directly on the video player of that event.  When your payment information is accepted, you’ll be let right back in to view your event. 


How do I find the event I want to watch?


  • Events are listed on the host school’s page only.  If your team is on the road, you’ll have to search for the game using the home school.  At the top of the homepage, select FIND YOUR TEAM, and type in the first few letters of the school in the search box.



What browser is the best for viewing events?


  • Although we support many different types of browsers, we’ve found that the best experience with our product is Google Chrome.  If you're using Microsoft Edge, or Internet Explorer, please download and install Chrome.



My stream is blurry, frozen, or appears to skip, what should I do?


  • Streaming live video does require a solid internet connection in order to view smoothly. Please make sure your interenet speeds are at least 10mbps. You can also try a different browser or internet source.
  • Please refresh your page and click the play button.



When purchasing a ticket, is entering my credit card information safe on Justagame Live?


  • Justagame Live has partnered with Stripe, the global leader in payment processing software for e-commerce websites and mobile applications. The entire website is also protected with SSL.



I’d like to watch the game on my TV, can I do that?


  • The easiest way to watch on your TV is first to bring the event up on a Laptop and then use an HDMI cable to connect the TV and Laptop together.  You may use a casting service to mirror a phone or tablet as well.



I bought a ticket, and the host school never started the stream, can I get a refund?


  • For any refund inquires, please "respond" to the ticket confirmation email that you received. 



My team didn't win the game. Is there anything you can do?


  • Cheer harder next time. Good luck to all the teams and performances out there!





Still need help?


If you purchased a ticket, please respond to the ticket confirmation email. Or reach us at


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