Sports Complex Package

How It Started



At Justagame Fieldhouse we started live streaming all of our weekend events in 2015. There was a big learning curve and many questions to be answered to get started with lives streaming. 


  • What cameras do we use?
  • Once we have cameras, how do we make those cameras availalbe on our website?
  • What streaming provider is going to host our streams for us?
  • Once they are on our website, how do we make our viewers pay for the service?
  • Once they pay for the service, how do we allow them to change courts throughout the event so they can watch every game they want?


This was a long and tedious process testing at least 20 different camera models, 3 different streaming providers, and 3 different paywall systems. After about 6 months of trial and error we were live streaming our events at Justagame Fieldhouse! We were shocked with our results with over 1,000 paid viewers in the first 6 months of streaming!


At this point, our system was functional, but not very efficient. We knew we needed a better solution to make our product scalable and a product we can sell to other sports complexes. So we dove in and began development of our own on-site streaming engines, our own website and paywall, and answered every question above to make our product an easy resell to other sports complexes!



How it works For You!



  1. Install one camera on each court / field you cover during events (cameras will be provided by Justagame Live)
  2. Sign up for a Justagame Live Subscription
  3. Enter your upcoming schedule of events into your dashbaord
  4. Set your Ticket Price
  5. Earn Extra Revenue on your events!



Sports Complex Pricing



  • $250 / camera / year
  • 25% of ticket sales
  • Your Complex Earns 75% of ticket sales
  • Money direct deposited into your account every Monday!



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