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Start Streaming Today

How to start streaming in 15 minutes TODAY!


  1. Register your school for a Justagame Live Account
  2. Choose your Subscription Level
  3. Activate your school sports and levels
  4. Invite your coaches to their dashbaord account
  5. Create an event and assign broadcaster permissions
  6. Download our Justagame Live app
  7. Sign into the mobile streaming app and GO LIVE!

Getting Started Guide





App Explainer Video
Equipment You Should Have
  1. Any cell phone or iPad 
  2. Tripod for Device - Amazon Link
  3. External Microphone - Amazon Link
  4. Power / Audio Splitter (for iPhone) - Amazon Link
Why Justagame Live?
  • Stream events from your mobile devices you already own!
  • Stream Home AND Away Events!
  • Generate revenue for your school $
  • Full control over your streaming schedule inside your dashboard
  • Automated recording
  • Keep your families and fans engaged
School Pricing

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